Frank O’hara’s poem

Book based on the poem by Frank O’hara, dedicated to Donald M. Allen (no title), with illustrations inspired by the New York City’s landscapes at night.

Fragmentary quote from Professor Maciej Buszewicz, in whose Studio of Book and Digital Design I made the book and who is a figure I very much respect and loved working with:

Anyone who ever watched a mob film set in New York, say Martin Scorsese’s Goodfellas, knows that bloody settlements between gangs occur usually in the night or at dawn. It is darkish, there are puddles on the damaged pavement and overflowing garbage containers. It smells like fish and wet trash.Many directors got a liking for the spot on Roosevelt Drive over the East River, next to the port. It is a wing of the Fulton Market. For decades there was a fish market, today – an elegant department store.When I worked with Rita Kaczmarska on her visual interpretation of one of New York poems by Frank O’Hara – untitled, just dedicated to Donald M. Allen – among many gouache sketches there was a picture in which without a moment of hesitation I recognised the Fulton Market. A bull’s eye. A small, colourful booklet you can view at the website of our studio: All illustrations in this book, concise and extremely accurate, forecasted the birth of a significant creative personality. Rita Kaczmarska’s degree piece developed in the Studio of Book and Digital Design is a confirmation of that.

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